Etonhouse International School Suzhou

1.5  / 5
Country:# 27
Region:# 91
Overall:# 219
Suzhou, China
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Question 1:

The facilities of the school adequately provide for a positive learning/working experience.

3 / 10
Question 2:

School provides adequate access to teaching materials without any extra expense by the teacher (books, lab supplies, art supplies, materials, copying, etc.

1 / 10
Question 3:

School is well funded to provide students and faculty with adequate materials to support their course offering.

0 / 10
Question 4:

Parent community is actively involved in supporting the school's mission and their child's education endeavors.

1 / 10
Question 5:

Classroom student to teacher ratios are kept low.

1 / 10


Question 6:

Students are generally of high aptitude.

1 / 10
Question 7:

Student interactions with faculty are primarily characterized by respectability.

3 / 10
Question 8:

Students are of diverse ethnicity.

1 / 10


Question 9:

Administration positively supports faculty in a professional manner.

0 / 10
Question 10:

Administration actively encourages a dialogue concerning school related issues.

0 / 10
Question 11:

Administration is actively engaged in developing/supporting/maintaining a clear school vision.

0 / 10
Question 12:

Administration makes sure that the financial stability and integrity of the school is well maintained.

10 / 10
Question 13:

Administration/Ownership uses school funds to support the well being of the school.

0 / 10


Question 14:

Salary scale is competitive.

3 / 10
Question 15:

Salary provides the opportunity to save appropriately.

5 / 10
Question 16:

Salary provides the opportunity to travel during vacation.

5 / 10
Question 17:

Salary scale provides for vertical and horizontal movement based on years of experience and/or units/degree's earned.

1 / 10


Question 18:

School provides a quality health insurance plan that covers all major medical (health, vision, dental.

1 / 10
Question 19:

School provides retirement benefits that are competitive.

0 / 10
Question 20:

School provides a health insurance plan that covers international travel/coverage.

4 / 10
Question 21:

School provides for faculty child tuition benefits.

2 / 10
Question 22:

School provides strong support for maternity benefits.

5 / 10
Question 23:

School provides an adequate amount for end of contract airfare cost.

4 / 10
Question 24:

School provides an adequate shipping allowance.

4 / 10


Question 25:

School provides quality available housing or a housing stipend that affords quality housing.

4 / 10
Question 26:

The proximity of housing in relation to school location is within an acceptable distance of travel.

2 / 10
Question 27:

Options of moving housing during the course of contract is acceptable.

0 / 10


Question 28:

Colleagues foster a welcoming environment to new faculty.

8 / 10
Question 29:

School hires a diversity of family structures (Singles, couples, families.

8 / 10
Question 30:

Colleagues foster a professional environment that supports growth.

8 / 10
Question 31:

Colleagues foster a personal support structure in place of family.

9 / 10


Question 32:

City the school resides in provides opportunities for things to do without having to travel

8 / 10
Question 33:

City the school resides in provides easy opportunities to travel to other places.

7 / 10
Question 34:

Local culture is apparent in the city/country in which the school resides.

3 / 10
Question 35:

Local culture of in which the school resides is open to integrating expats into local customs and traditions.

2 / 10
Question 36:

City/Country in which the school resides does not exact personal restrictions on lifestyle choices.

9 / 10
Question 37:

City/Country in which school resides provides for potential tax benefits.

2 / 10
Question 38:

Quality of local health care is excellent.

3 / 10
Question 39:

Cost of living in the city/country where school resides is reasonable.

9 / 10
Question 40:

City the school resides in has excellent infrastructure for mass transportation (e.g. - is a car required.

7 / 10
Question 41:

City/Country in which the school resides provides for adequate personal safety.

8 / 10

Professional Development:

Question 42:

School makes available a variety of professional development opportunities.

0 / 10
Question 43:

School makes available funds to support continued development.

0 / 10
Question 44:

Time is specifically set aside in the calendar for faculty and staff formation.

0 / 10
Question 45:

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to professionally grow by the school.

0 / 10
Question 46:

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to experiment, implement, and bring up new ideas for classroom innovation.

0 / 10

Settling In:

Question 47:

School meets you on arrival and escorts you to accommodations.

1 / 10
Question 48:

School provides an adequate orientation to the school and local culture upon arrival.

0 / 10
Question 49:

School provides an allowance to support the transition.

2 / 10

After Arrival:

Question 50:

Facilities of the school were well represented during the hiring process.

1 / 10
Question 51:

Contract is honored based on what was agreed upon during the hiring process.

1 / 10
Question 52:

School actively maintains a dialogue and support structure to make sure basic needs are being met.

0 / 10

Review Narratives:

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Suzhou EtonHouse is not a welcoming place to be at. I arrived late at night at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (as I was informed that was the easiest) and was only greeted by the driver who simply picked me up from airport and dropped me off at the hotel. I was a single female who stepped into China for the first time and yet there was no extra support. I later found out there was a nearer airport and yet was not given the option to arrive at that airport. Then when I stepped into school, I was not greeted at the door to bring me or direct me to the Administration Office, I was left to ask for directions on where to go. That in itself should be a sign of the spirit of the school and should start to be aware of the school, however I chose to ignore the "warning" signal in me. While at the meeting (Induction), we were told that we have no budget for this school year. We were provided with stationeries and stock papers for display, however anything additional, will not be provided for by the school. In other words, use whatever we have, anything else we will either have to purchase them ourselves OR gave a very good reason why school should get that resource and prove that it really does benefit the whole school. I have never seen people fleeing (with absurd excuses such as losing passport and had to go back to home country to renew, ended up not coming back, being stuck in snowstorm for a week, also ended up not coming back) or being dropped during the school year as many as this school; 9 in total for a school whose teaching faculty made up of about 22. The Head of School plays a major role in this; she was not a nice person at all, her word is law. You do what she said to do or you will have a very bad year as she will pick on you to the very point where everyone can tell it is personal. She also plays favoritism, and people she likes (usually guys) will find her easy to talk to or approachable. They can wear socks and walk around in school, or have the company car sent them to a nearby city for professional development. While the others no matter how hard you work or professional you are, you will be picked on for the smallest things, such as your dressing (which to the rest of the colleagues are fine and did look professional). Or you will not be appreciated no matter how hard you work and the minute you make a mistake, the rest of the school gets to know about it and be warned not to make the mistake again. When you made mistakes, at times your pay will have to be docked to make up for the financial loss you cost (even though it might not be entirely your fault). The school claims to be an IB school, however they do not fully support the philosophy of IB. Teachers are told to communicate to students in English ONLY even though the ratio of ESL students are way higher than English speaking students. Yet there were no ESL resources or teachers to help the students, hence there is a very wide language proficiency gap within a class. They wanted teachers to write another set of lesson plans in addition to the IB bubble planner and weekly planner and yet have no proper rationale to why they wanted it implemented, except to give the excuse it is from IB (which I verified with IBO on that and got a negative response that all IBO ask for is the bubble planner). In another IB school that I worked in, I got to attend at least 2 job-alike session in a school year. Here, I did not get to hear about job-alike session at all. There was no support for teachers who are leaving, they have to arrange everything themselves, from shipping to looking for suitable flights. There was also no support for teachers who were ill; a colleague fell really ill and had to be hospitalised. Yet during the time she informed the school, no administrative staff was sent to her to help with hospitalisation process. We were at a country where no many people speak English and not everyone of us are fluent in Mandarin enough to explain to the hospital staff regarding our sickness. Yet we were left on our own to deal with all these in addition to being sick. Throughout the whole stay, the HOS did not offer a phone call of consolation or help! All I can say to you if you want to work in this school is that you need to be very strong financially, (because you don't know when they might cut budget again) or physically (as you know you won't have anyone to help you) or a man (as the HOS will usually treat male colleagues better, unless you defy her).